Flash Tattoos: Show Off Your Style

Flash Tattoos: Show Off Your Style

April 22, 2017

Flash tattoos


Flash Tattoos

Flash tattoos are the coolest way to adorn yourself this season! Get all of the glitz and glamour of dazzling metallic temporary tattoos that can be applied in just seconds.

Apply flash tats easily using cold water, a towel, and pressure! All it takes is a few seconds to put them on when getting ready to go out or already out on the town and they make the perfect accessory no matter what you're wearing.

Temporary flash tattoos come in a variety of styles at TempiTats, each more intriguing than the last!

Check out the Zuri collection, inspired by the Swahili name for beautiful. This enchanting pack comes with over seventy-five temporary tattoo designs, each tribal-inspired design (a lotus, dreamcatcher, elephant, and more) shimmering in gold and silver. Perfect for the free spirited wanderer in you that loves to have fun!

Check out also the exotic Cleopatra flash tattoo pack. This collection lets you go full-on Egyptian princess with endless gold and turquoise designs as well as various bands and symbols that will make you feel as beautiful as Cleopatra herself. Let pyramids, symbols, and exotic birds all in gold and teal adorn you for the night.

Cleopatra and Zuri are particularly great for concerts or music festivals where you can let your wild side out. Other packs are perfect for everyday use or cute events. For instance, if you were hosting a bridal shower you might want to have flash tats from the Parvati collection-- all delicate butterflies, floral patterns, feathers, wristbands, and sacred geometry, among other things.

Or check out the Lilith collection. Meaning 'of the night' in Jewish tradition, this pack gives you endless golden designs like the lotus, feather, armbands, wristbands, leaves, henna, and more. You can also express your feminine side with the whimsical flash tats of the Jade collection. This comes with six sheets of golden fun, including a dreamcatcher, lotus, all seeing eye hand, and sacred geometry for days.

Everyone always expects the standard jewelry and accessories. But when you slap on one of temporary flash tats, everyone will compliment you on them-- you just don't see them every day! They are also the perfect gifts or even attraction at events like weddings, showers, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties especially. It never hurts to have a pack or two on hand that you can go to for fun events, though!

Embrace your feminine side and pursuit of love with the Aphrodite flash pack! This seductive pack will make you feel powerful and beautiful. Go ahead, resist falling in love with the silver and gold flowers, sacred geometry, wings, and designs of this pack. We dare you!

Of course, there is still the TempiTats Selene and Thea collections. These gorgeous flash tats include a large variety of flash tats in gold and silver. Whether you want feathers, flowers, arm bands, arrows, chains, or elephants, Thea tats have them for you. Or go for a more delicate, jewelry-type feel with the Selene pack, named after the goddess Selene who rode a moon chariot through the heavens.

These flash tattoos are unique and definitely grab the eye. They are attractive on anyone and can be placed anywhere on the body for instant glam factor. Whether a concert or the night out at the bar (or just a fun party trick you want to bring along), there is never a bad time to sport these cute flash tats. Wear one or just mix and match for instant, removable style. All of these packs are currently available at TempiTats, so check them out, find your favorite, order and go!