henna temporary tattoos

We Offer the Best Henna Temporary Tattoos

June 15, 2017

henna temporary tattoos

Henna Temporary Tattoos

Henna temporary tattoos provide you the coolest body art without the hassles of a permanent and real tattoo.  Although henna tattoo art traces its origin to the Middle East, it has gained popularity in the U.S. TempiTats resells amazing henna temporary tattoos, and are dedicated to providing you the most intricate designs.  Henna tattoos are most often placed on the feet and hands and can last up to two weeks. The length of time is perfect for the indecisive and those who do not wish to get a real tattoo.

There is a growing trend of henna tattoos being designed on the bellies of pregnant women. We will ensure that you get a classic henna temporary tattoo on your belly for a breathtaking bump. Our temporary henna tattoos can quickly adorn you with a beautiful and unique look!

Henna tattoos come in a variety of styles including Lacy Indian style wedding bridal henna, bold Arabic floral henna, geometric African henna, and modern fusion henna. We really love these tattoos and look forward to providing you a wide selection of eye catching designs!

We are driven by the burning desire to provide our customers exceptional service. For this reason, we provide the coolest henna temporary tattoos so that you can express yourself in different, trendy ways. With our tattoos, you will have the perfect way of showing off your style and personality. We also listen to your feedback and are open to your suggestions.

TempiTats Offers Only The Best

Customer's safety comes first. Therefore, our tattoos are designed using FDA approved inks to ensure that you do not face the risk of traditional henna stains. Our products are certified, and they meet the quality tests in the EU, CAN, and the U.S. These products also meet the CPSC and ASTM standards.

Customers expect innovation and we listen. We only offer the highest rated henna temporary tattoos. Several customers have come back with reviews that describe our tattoos as special, healthy, and fun.

Our core values compel us to offer world-class temporary tattoos to customers who are looking for the best. The temporary tattoo industry is growing at a rapid rate and we enjoy the challenge of keeping the pace.

Contact us today, and we will get back to you with our temporary tattoos perfect for such events as birthday parties, sporting events, music festivals, and fundraisers. You can also request us to offer our services to your clients since henna temporary tattoos make awesome marketing and promotional strategies.