The idea for TempiTats started in the spring of 2015 at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Co-Founder, Erica Meyer, noticed the lack of design selections of metallic temporary tattoos her fellow music festival-goers were wearing.

After searching online, she was unhappy with how expensive and limiting the selections of these jewelry-inspired metallic tattoos were and decided to create her own designs that were not only unique and beautiful but also affordable. From this, TempiTats was born.

Erica, the creative mind behind TempiTats, is hard at work coming up with unique designs that continue to appeal to anyone and for any occasion. TempiTats now has hundreds of designs in gold, silver, black, turquoise, and so many other colors! She's enlisted the help of her fiancé Dave who is our marketing guru and responsible for running the business. 

Our vision at TempiTats is to create the highest quality, most stunning and unique temporary tattoo designs that anyone would proudly wear, all at affordable prices. 

To accomplish our mission, we are constantly on the lookout for the newest, hottest trends. We make it a point to read every single customer review we receive as well as our competitors' reviews so we can best address any challenges and ensure that YOU, the customer, 100% LOVE every single one of our temporary jewelry tattoos. 

Thank you for reading the story behind TempiTats. We look forward to adding you to our beautiful #TempiTats community!