Cleopatra Temporary Metallic Tattoo Collection



6 sheets of the latest temporary Henna metallic tattoos. Inspired by the Egyptian vibes of the once powerful female pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra.

This pack includes over 75+ shimmer tribal designs in gold and silver, and come in a variety of both small and large temporary tattoos. Designed to make you look good, no matter where you go.

These stylish designs include an eye of Ra, an Ankh, a lotus, sacred triangle, armbands, wristbands, rings, a feather, arrows, hearts and a variety of sacred geometry.

About the product

  • OVER 75+ new & stunning designs that match the vibrant images shown
  • PREMIUM quality metallic temporary tattoos will last several days and keep its flash & glitter look. Not to mention, they’re waterproof
  • SAFE - these stylish fake jewelry tattoos are non-toxic and fun for all ages, including kids & adults, and can be worn anywhere on your body
  • QUICK & EASY TO APPLY – up your look in less than 1 minute with this hot new trend. These stylish foil tattoos are easily removable by rubbing baby oil. Wear it on your arm, leg, back, shoulder, face, or even your hair!

Number of Sheets: 6
Sheet Size: 6 x 8 inches

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Customer Reviews

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I have not recieved this item can you provide me with a delivery date?

Great for young and old.

These are so beautiful in person! These are tons of fun for adults and kids. They are perfect for summer time fun. I think tattoos are beautiful, but am not in the market of getting a permanent one. That is why I love temporary tattoos. You get to have the fun of playing dress up and it comes off in a short time. They have a beautiful shine to them in the San Diego Sun. They are easy to apply...just follow the instructions. I have had much practice putting on fun tattoos with my boys so the instructions were very easy to follow.
You are never to old to have fun!

Super pleased! Stayed on for a week

I bought these for my pre-teen to take to summer camp. Her friends had a lot of fun applying them and being creative! They were super easy to put on, cutting off the one tha they wanted to use! It was nice for hours of fun and then they had fun showing them off.
I had no issues with applying them, none of them ripped or anything. Also they stayed on for the rest of the week, which included swimming in a lake. I was impressed with how long they stayed on. One girl wanted to take hers off, and a small amount of baby oil took care of that!
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So pretty and fun to use!

So pretty and fun!! There are so many designs to chose from anyone is bound to find some that they love. I love the metallic look about them, making them less like kid's temporary tattoos...they feel more adult. And so easy to use....I do agree w/ previous posts that cleaning the skin well with alcohol first and letting it dry before applying will help the tattoo adhere to your skin better and thus making it last longer (you may also want to avoid the loofah when showering!).

Fun tattoos! Amazing selection of designs!

So I received these and was excited to try them out. There are so many cool designs, it was hard to pick which one I wanted to do first. So learn from my mistakes.... First I would say to use some you really don't care about since you can experiment with those before trying the ones you really want. That way if you make any mistakes, at least you haven't ruined a really nice one that you love. There are tons of designs to appeal to all people so I am sure you will find plenty you love but there may be a handful you don't like as much. Therefore, use those for practice. They are easy and quick to apply so just follow the directions and make sure you remove the top plastic before placing it upside down on your skin. Whether you are young or old, I am sure you will enjoy these.